Conifers is a house of hospitality that connects the travellers with wide diversity of nature. We are the bridge to enter in the lap of diverse beauty of nature embedded with snowcapped Himalayan mountain range to the lovely pristine deep woods.

We are the link house to offer you the cozy comfort during your stay in the nature enclave We make our presence at the off-beat spots in the lap of Himalaya like – Ramdhura; Rishyap Lamhatta, Baramangwa Takdah, etc.

Planning to visit the hills? Conifers understand the picture you have at the back of your mind - the splendid blue mountain with lush green nature on all sides, a cold, pollution free ambience to rejuvenate all your senses. Come stay in the hills with the leading provider of the largest number of unmatched Hotels in Rishyap and Homestays in Ramdhura.

Rishyap is one of the most renowned summer destinations in India and attracts a large number of tourists every year. At Conifers we provide various accommodation options in the form of Hotels in Rishyap for the different kinds of people who visit and offers places to stay that vary from inexpensive hotels to extravagant accommodations for those who enjoy staying in the lap of luxury. Nestled among the green estates, and surrounded by hills, our luxurious and spacious hotels add to the paradise with endless beauty and happiness. Tuck your soul away in nature’s green coat, indulge in the blissful sanctity of peace and sanctity, experience the thrill of adrenalin rush from the stimulating and exciting activities like trekking and skating. With reasons unlimited it is only fair to say ‘One trip is just not enough’ to find nature at its very best.

For the handful of people who like to stay away from commercial or crowd-packed towns and want to relax/enjoy their holidays in solitude prefer Homestays in Ramadhura. In Ramdhura, we provide our best homestays that will surely make you feel at home during your trip to the hills. Perched at a higher altitude, the picturesque scenic estates, fully surrounded by greenery, offering an eco-friendly stay, prove to be an ideal sightseeing location for honeymoon couples, families and groups.

There are wide ranges of Homestays in Ramdhura from budget to high-class luxury to make sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of your trip. Experience peace, serenity and tranquility in a homestay and enjoy unique homestay experience with Conifers.

Cottage and Homestay

Ramdhura- Conifers Homestay

Rishyap – Hollyhocks Conifers Cottage